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Call us, and we’ll come to you anywhere in and around Selma, CA in our fully-outfitted locksmith van.

Gaither Locksmithing can take care of all aspects of your residential locksmith needs. We offer a variety of services for your home from lockouts to rekeying your locks.

Home Lockouts

When you find yourself locked out of your house, it can result in a feeling of panic and desperation. This can lead you to take extreme measures, such as breaking a window or a lock, to get back into your home. Some people even take dangerous measures, such as climbing up to a second story window. Don’t damage your home or risk your life. All you need to do is call Gaither Locksmithing. We have the tools necessary to get you back in your home quickly and safely.

Rekey Locks

There are situations that make lock rekeying necessary. If you’ve experienced any of the following, then you might want to consider this service:
Your keys have been lost or stolen
Your home was burglarized
You have a broken key
Tenants are moving out of your house
We will make the rekeyed lock work with your new keys by removing the doorknob. We will then remove the pins from the lock cylinder and install new ones so that they work with your new key.

Commercial Locksmith

When it comes to keeping your business secure, you need the professional services of Gaither Locksmithing. We have security solutions to fit the needs of your business. No matter if you need a little security or a lot, we’ve got you covered.

Safe Combination Change

If you keep valuables in a safe at your place of business, you want to keep them secure. If you suspect the combination to your safe has been compromised, then a safe combination change is necessary. Our locksmiths have the experience needed to efficiently change the combination to your safe. In addition to changing the combination, we can also offer safe opening and safe repair if you’re having trouble with your safe. When it’s time to upgrade your safe, we’ve got safes for sale and offer a wide variety from which to choose.

Lock Installation

The security of your business is only as good as the locks on the building. Locks that are damaged or difficult to use need to be replaced. Our locksmiths will provide you with lock installation so that you can keep your business secure.

Automotive Locksmith

There are some situations involving your car that requires the expertise of an experienced locksmith. We offer a wide variety of automotive locksmith services.

Ignition Repair

An ignition that is hard to turn over or doesn’t seem to work well with your key may need to be repaired. The metal components within an ignition wear over time. We’ll disassemble the ignition and replace the metal parts inside so that your ignition will once again work properly.

Stuck Key Removal

Your key can become stuck in the ignition or actually break off. The last thing you should do is to try and remove it yourself. Doing so can lead to further damage where the key is stuck whether it be a lock or the ignition. Our locksmiths will quickly and safely remove a key without causing damage to your lock or ignition.

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Gaither Locksmithing is a licensed mobile Locksmith in Selma, CA. Our services are second to none and your security is our number one priority. Any time you have a locksmith issue contact the professionals at Gaither Locksmithing in Selma, CA.