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Car Key Replacement

We Can Replace Your Keys No Matter the Make or Model

Losing your car keys can cause frustration and panic. If you don’t have an extra set of keys, then you can’t drive your car. It is always best to have a spare set of keys in case a key comes up missing. If you need car key replacement, then look no further than Gaither Locksmithing. We have the tools and knowledge needed to make you a key right on the spot so you can be on your way. Car key replacement cost is a lot less when you call Gaither Locksmithing versus going to the dealer.

image of a new transponder head car key being cut

Using our high-tech key cutting equipment, we can cut new keys for your car, van, truck, and motorcycle as well as program the remote head.

Lost Key Replacement

Everyone has lost or misplaced their car keys. It’s so easy to leave them somewhere or lay them down in an inconspicuous spot and forget where you left them. But, when it’s time to go somewhere and you need your keys, not being able to find them is frustrating to say the least. The professionals at Gaither Locksmithing can come right to you and make you new keys for your car. It is always a good idea to have an extra set of keys made so that if you do lose your keys, you’ll have that extra set to use.

Transponder Key Cutting

A transponder key contains a chip that heightens security by communicating with your car’s transceiver. This is an added security measure for user verification. The transceiver will pick up the signal only if it is the correct one. If there is no signal or the signal is incorrect, the car will not start. If you’ve lost your transponder key, we can cut and program a new key for you. Once the key has been cut, we’ll reset your car’s computer to erase the codes. We’ll then sync the transponder key with your car’s computer.

Smart Keys

Newer cars are equipped with smart keys. These intelligent keys allow you to lock and unlock your car and even start it without using the actual key. The only requirement is that the key has to be in close proximity to your car to work. So, you could keep the key in your pocket and essentially control many functions of your car. If you’ve lost your smart keys, don’t worry. The professionals at Gaither Locksmithing can cut a key to match your car and program the smart function of your key so that it will work with your car.

We Work On All Models

No matter what make or model your car is, we can help you. Whether you need remote head keys, intelligent or smart keys or transponder keys, our locksmiths can do it. We commonly make keys for the following:

  • Honda car keys
  • Toyota car key
  • Nissan car key
  • Ford car key
  • GM car key
  • Mazda car key

We offer key origination for American and Japanese cars as well as Big Rigs and Trucks.

Service You Can Count On

With over 10 years of experience, the locksmiths at our family owned and operated mobile locksmith company are constantly honing their skills to provide the best possible locksmith service for residents of Knoxville County, CA. We also service Clovis, CA, Sanger, CA and the surrounding areas. All our locksmiths are licensed and insured which means quality service at fair prices is guaranteed. Give us a call for all your locksmith needs.

When you need locksmith services for your auto, home, or business in the Knoxville, California region you can count on Gaither Locksmithing every time.

Our mobile locksmith service is available in the following areas:

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